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Financial Assistance Information


The goal of the Radnor Ice Hockey Club (RIHC) is provide reasonable opportunities for all interested kids to play the game of hockey.  RIHC recognizes that due to various kinds of hardships, it may be difficult in a given year for individuals to pay all or part of their registration fees within the timetables stated.  Therefore, RIHC will provide the following financial assistance opportunities:


Payment Plans

RIHC will consider a written request for payment of registration fees in more than two installments as offered during registration.  These arrangements will be approved in writing by the RIHC President and Treasurer.  If installment payments are not received as agreed, the Treasurer will notify the appropriate Level Director.  The Level Director will notify the player’s coach that the player is immediately suspended from all team activity until the fees are current. The final payment date for any payment plan will be no later than April 15th of the current hockey season. 



As part of its annual budget process, the RIHC Board of Directors will allocate a portion of its budget for the purpose of aiding families with hardships.  This fund does have limited resources and the total amount of assistance awarded to all families will not exceed the amount budgeted.  A player's scholarship award can be up to 50% of annual registration fees not to exceed $500.  RIHC does not issue 100% scholarships.  Scholarship recipients and their families are expected to attend and assist in all RIHC fundraising events and volunteer to assist the club with any other functions that may be deemed by the RIHC Board.


To ensure we maximize the opportunities for all families in need, we have established a base set of criteria for selecting eligibility for RIHC Financial Assistance.


Selection criteria

Financial assistance is open to all children that meet the selection criteria.  To be eligible for the payment plan or a scholarship, the player's family must be in good standing with RIHC and must exhibit financial need.  Primary consideration will be given to children in the following circumstances: financial change in family status, death of a parent/guardian, single parent with demonstrated need, loss of income due to illness, accident or job loss, and families that receive school lunch subsidies or medical assistance.  Meeting the selection criteria does not guarantee that an award will be made.


Application process

·         All applicants must submit a confidential Financial Assistance form (last page) to the RIHC President.

·         All applicants must register with USA Hockey (www.usahockeyregistration.com) and complete all other RIHC registration forms prior to submitting their Financial Assistance form.

·         Incomplete applications will be returned.

·         An application is valid for the current season only.

·         All applications must be submitted by October 15


·         Unless previous arrangements have been made with the RIHC President.  Late applications will only be accepted if an unforeseeable event occurs which drastically changes the financial conditions of a child's family.

·         All applications will be reviewed by the RIHC President and Treasurer.

·         Applicants will be informed of the status of their application no later than the start of the season.

·         If an application for a scholarship is accepted, the scholarship award amount will be deducted from the registration fees owed. 


Exceptions to this policy are at the sole discretion of the RIHC Board of Directors based on a majority vote.



Applying for a scholarship can be uncomfortable for some.  To minimize the level of discomfort, only the President and Treasurer have access to the applications.  Recipients of scholarships are only known to the President and Treasurer Financial reviews only show number of scholarships and amounts at each level.  Every effort is made to keep scholarship applicants/recipients anonymous.